April 25, 2016


The Shared Solar NYC Gateway is a platform to connect community shared solar developers to owners of potential host sites, including rooftops and open land. Additionally, the Gateway allows residents and businesses to sign up for notifications about subscription opportunities to local Community Shared Solar (CSS) projects. Sustainable CUNY and the NYC Solar Partnership will identify and educate potential host site owners and potential subscribers through Solarize marketing campaigns.  The Gateway addresses the primary barrier to CSS in New York City, which was suitable host site identification. This was identified in the NYC Solar Partnership’s 2016 RFI on community shared solar.

Find  your building’s potential solar capacity on the NY Solar Map.

Community Shared Solar | Sustainable CUNY is leading an effort to bring Community Shared Solar in this first of its kind campaign. Community Shared Solar is a way for people to purchase a small section of a large solar array and have the energy generated from that solar panel applied as a credit to their utility bill. Now renters and people whose rooftops can’t sustain a solar array can finally go solar. The NYC Solar Partnership aims to promote an equitable and self-sustaining solar market in pursuit of the city’s goal of installing 250 megawatts (MW) on private buildings by 2025.

Sustainable CUNY is actively seeking large commercial spaces to host a shared solar array. If you own or know of a location over 10,000 square feet of roof, parking lot or open space in NYC, please submit it into the Shared Solar Gateway.

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